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Projet de recherche européen RIVER

RIVER – Non Carbon River Boat Powered by Combustion Engines –

Due to stronger environmental standard aims, the European Union (EU) has recently adopted more stringent limits for emissions from inland waterway vessels. The objective of RIVER-project is to facilitate the implementation of transnational low carbon solutions in transport systems to reduce GHC emissions in NWE. Thus, the goal of the project is to apply an oxyfuel combustion technology for diesel engines that eliminates NOx emissions, and to capture and store all CO2 emissions.

River is co-financed by the European Union ( North West Europe Interreg program). The project includes 9 partners (YNCREA Hauts de France University of Bedfordshire Stichting STC group Cleancarb Canal & River Trust Université de Picardie Jules Verne Centre de Conseil et d’Innovation en Logistique-Transport &Logistique ECE Engine Control Electronics GmbH DST Entwicklungszentrum für Schiffstechnik und Transportsysteme e.V.
Projet de recherche européen RIVER